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Gifts Just Got Real

Instantly access best-selling products and popular brands with our end-to-end solution.

Gifts Just Got Real

Device Agnostic

Seamless across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Device Agnostic

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One piece of JavaScript, one server-side kit.
Real gifting made easy.

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Responsive Design

Shines on mobile, pops on desktop. Instantly adapts to mobile devices; features native-mimicry UI elements. Full desktop experience via non-intrusive, sleek modal popup UI.

Fully Integrated

Users enter the store instantly, without ever leaving the current page. Add "Send Gift" and "Wish List" buttons to user profiles and search results, and a "Redeem" button to notifications.

Built-in Logistics

A backend dream, with end-to-end logistics and customer support. Fully stocked with quality items and designer goods from top brands, with automatic inventory refresh and marketing updates.

Engaging Experience

Built-in Wish List lets users choose items that express their interests. The Wish List Badge assists buyers with discovery, displaying the count of Wish List items on user profiles and search results.

Sentiment Magnitude

Sometimes a simple message doesn't quite capture the degree of a sentiment. The "Send Gift" button enables users to supercharge their message with a gift of their choice or from the recipient's Wish List.

Native Performance

Built for blazing native-like performance. "Compiled" web app launches with a single URL request, JavaScript launch code weighs in at 4Kb. Full support across Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and IE9+; or Legacy mode.

Gift Store

Now your users can give and receive some of the best gifts available anywhere — it's never been easier to find the perfect gift and complete your purchase on the spot.

Choose from thousands of carefully-selected popular, designer, brand name and feel-good items.

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Select a Gift
Your Gift
Send Your Gift

Wish List

Users press the ♡ icon to add items to their Wish List — a fun and easy way for users to express who they are and what they like. Other users can browse the Wish List items and continue through checkout to make a purchase.

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Once a user has created a Wish List, the Wish List Badge appears on their profile and in search results.

Add Items to Wish List
Your Wish List
View User's Wish List
Top Brands
Items per Wish List
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User Testimonial

"This is a sweet API."

Michael V., Product Director
User Testimonial

"This was my favorite thing about the site."

Christine M., Journalist
User Testimonial

"Hey I love this idea and really appreciate the security and safety precautions taken!"

Jenni M., Gift Recipient
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"I love this"

Xyliana C., Gift Recipient
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"It is easy to shop on here :-)"

Jeremy H., Customer
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"Hmmmm, they make it pretty easy to buy these gifts!"

Adam R., Customer
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"What a nice simple API, I wish I would have done this sooner."

Jeffrey H., Product Manager
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"Nice interface. Well made. This is a cool API."

Sheldon E., Developer
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"I just wanted to say y’all have the bomb a** outfits!!!!"

Tiffany M., Gift Recipient
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"Thank you very much, [it] works at first try!!! Good work!"

Carlos H., Developer
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"You have been very helpful. The developers got it integrated as easily as you said."

Kahil W., Product Manager
User Testimonial

"This is very nice. Let's get this live."

Peter S., CEO
User Testimonial

"This is perfect. It's exactly what we want."

Evan B., Business Development
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"It's so fast and well-built. Whoever your developers are, you should keep them."

Bree G., Reviewer
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"We've seen that we can make real money with this."

Jay H., Director of Product
User Testimonial

"The platform is mature and built out."

Alvin P., COO
TIME Magazine Feature

"The whole [transaction] took me about 30 seconds. No shopping cart, no checkout. I didn't even need to input her shipping address."

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