The ultimate Gift Shop plugin.


RealGifts is a social commerce company delivering an award-winning, mobile-friendly Gift Shop plugin that connects online services with product vendors. RealGifts provides an end-to-end solution that allows users to instantly access best-selling products from top brands, create personal wish lists, and send real tangible gifts across both mobile applications and traditional websites. RealGifts adds a new level of user-to-user interaction by combining the simplicity of virtual goods with the impact of physical eCommerce.

RealGifts partners with top providers of products ranging from baked goods, flowers, and chocolates to luxury items like designer handbags and sunglasses, fine jewelry, and more. Featured product brands have included: Mrs. Fields, Chuao Chocolatier, Spafinder, Restaurant.com, Victoria's Secret, Saint Laurent, Versace, Gucci, and Tom Ford Eyewear.

RealGifts is a Facebook fbFund recipient, a program sponsored by Facebook, Founders Fund, and Accel Partners, and partnered with Facebook as the exclusive provider of real gifts in the Facebook Gift Shop. RealGifts is also a PepsiCo10 and EvoNexus sponsorship recipient, and has been granted broad patents by the USPTO.

Facebook Partnership

Facebook Partnership


Facebook partners with RealGifts to power real gifts in the Facebook Gift Shop. Default installed across U.S. user profiles and linked from birthday reminders on the Facebook home page.

HOW TO: Send a Real Gift on Facebook


Sometimes flinging a virtual cupcake at a Facebook friend just isn't enough. As you may know, Facebook has offered the option of purchasing real gifts since last summer. A big pro here is that you don't need to know the person's address to send them a physical gift. And like the Twitter gifting services we recently rounded up, the service makes it easy to integrate birthday, anniversary, and holiday shopping right into your favorite social network.

Teleflora Offers Facebook Users Flowers Via RealGifts Partnership


Teleflora, the world's leading flower delivery service, today announced a partnership with RealGifts, a technology company that enables users to send real, tangible gifts to their friends via Facebook's gift shop without needing their address. Just in time for Mother's Day, Sunday, May 9, shopping for that perfect gift just became a little easier. Beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers are always a good choice and form a staple in Mother's Day gift-giving traditions.

Facebook is About to Rake in Huge Ecommerce Dollars

Business Insider

There's been a lot of talk about whether social media can drive sales, but one thing is clear: Sales are starting to happen in social media -- specifically, with Facebook. As it builds out its own store internally, strikes a deal with online-payment platform PayPal and allows marketers to test e-commerce apps, the 400-million-member social-networking site is starting to look more and more like a giant, global shopping mall. Last week, for example, Procter & Gamble's Pampers became the latest marketer to sell product on Facebook, dropping an e-commerce application in a "Shop Now" tab on its 200,000-fan-strong fan page. Within an hour, it sold out of the 1,000 Cruiser diaper packs it was offering at $9.99 a pop.

Facebook Gifts Get Real

Time Magazine

I sent my ex-girlfriend roses on Facebook. Not a photo or some cartoonish image of roses - these were the real deal, complete with glass vase, petals and thorny connotations. The whole thing cost precisely 534 Facebook credits - or $53.40 - and took me about 30 seconds. No shopping cart, no checkout. I didn't even need to input her shipping address, which is good, since she won't tell me where she lives. I'm part of the generation that thinks privacy is passé. Send me a friend request? We're friends now. Poke my profile? I'll poke yours back. But using your profile to send you real things I have to pay for with Facebook's alternative currency? That might be the biggest leap of faith yet.

Find Last Minute Gifts on Facebook. Yes, Facebook.


Looking for a gift to send to someone halfway across the country? Don't give up just because it's getting too close to Christmas. You can still send a gift via Facebook. Yes, Facebook. The world's largest social network offers several ways for you to instantly send tokens of appreciation to the important people in your life -- provided that they're Facebook users. While some of the gifts are virtual items that will only be displayed on your friend's Facebook profile (like virtual team jerseys), others are more tangible, such as music files and charitable donations. They're all just a few mouse clicks away.

The Gift of Giving Real Gifts on Facebook

Fast Company

You've probably given someone a virtual gift on Facebook before, but as of now, if you gift someone something for their special day through Facebook's handy little Gift Shop interface, you'll get a surprising new option--you can now spend Facebook credits to send them a real-life, physical present too. Remember the dramatic bit in Tron where Jeff Bridges's real-world character is digitized and whisked away into an artificial reality world? This new Facebook real-world/virtual world crossover trick is a bit like that, only in reverse. And more fluffy, and with fewer laser special effects. It's thanks to a change in Facebook's merchant platform rules that'll now let third party-developed virtual gifts into the Gift Store as well as enabling connections to real-life merchants.

RealGifts Wins fbFund Support


The results are in and the waiting is over! We are thrilled to announce our top 25 recipients from round one of the fbFund Developer Competition. After poring through and carefully evaluating over 600 applications, we decided that these 25 teams have tremendous talent and great potential. The mission of fbFund is to identify talent and seed innovation on Facebook Platform. These diverse start-ups range from e-commerce, religion and productivity to gaming, professional development, weddings and events, wine, sports and travel. Founders include former CEOs and seasoned entrepreneurs, as well as artists, students, two NASA engineers, a kiteboarder who develops in Python, a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature, and a driver for the World Solar Challenge.

RealGifts Unveiled at f8

Press Release

RealGifts, a gifting application built on Facebook Platform, will be publicly unveiled at Facebook's "f8" developers conference this Wednesday, July 23, 2008. Demonstrations and gift giveaways from the RealGifts collection will be available at The Concourse at the San Francisco Design Center, Booth #8, from noon to 8 p.m. RealGifts is the first service of its kind to give users the opportunity to exchange real, tangible gifts with their friends through a secure checkout that is integrated directly into the RealGifts application. A key feature is that users can quickly and conveniently send each other gifts without knowing their friends' mailing addresses, so no exchange of sensitive information is necessary.